Back 40 Kitchen

Our great tasting dishes include only the highest quality organic ingredients. This means we source locally so that items are fresh and travel a shorter distance from field to plate! We use grass fed and grass finished meats, organic beans and grains and organically grown vegetables from our own farm in Washington. And if you happen to be vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, or have food sensitivities, there will always be options for you at Back 40 Kitchen. We strive to use only the highest quality oils, vinegars, spices, and natural sweeteners and make our own whenever possible. We are dedicated to giving our customers excellent flavor and food presentation without sacrificing nutrition or quality.

Our hope is that you will enjoy eating the fabulous dishes at Back 40 Kitchen as much as we enjoy growing, preparing, and presenting them to you.

Organic. Local. Seasonal.

Back 40 Kitchen works closely with local Farmers to provide delicious and fresh vegetables harvested straight from the farm to your table.